Alan Eugene Magee (1919 - 2003) was an American airman who served during World War II. Born in Plainfield, New Jersey he was the youngest of six children. After Pearl Harbour Magee enlisted in the United States army as a turret gunner on the aircraft entitled "Snap, Crackle Pop".

22,000 Foot Fall Edit

On January 3, 1943 Magee was on a daylight bombing run over St-Nazaire, France when his aircraft was struck on the right wing by German anti-aircraft fire. The plane plummeted into a death spin. Though Magee was injured, he managed to get out of the turret gun and jump from the airplane.

Prisoner of war Edit

German rescuers found him in the debris of the train station badly hurt but alive. They took him as prisoner of war and gave him medical treatment. Magee had 28 shrapnel wounds, numerous broken bones, facial injuries, lung and kidney damage, and his right arm was nearly severed. Magee was released from captivity in 1945, at the end of the war.

Awards and death Edit

Magee was awarded the Purple Heart for his courage and bravery in battle. Magee retired from the force in 1979 and moved to northern New Mexico. In 1993 the people of St-Nazaire erected a 6-foot tall monument in honor of him and his crew.

Magee died from an unrelated stroke and kidney failure in 2003 at the age of 84.

Survivability Edit

The show Mythbusters attempted to see if a fall such as his was survivable in episode 69. Their test showed that the bomb going off in a station under a falling person would more likely kill the person before they hit the ground then cushioning their fall. The Mythbuster ruled that it was impossible or "busted" to survive that kind of fall and said Magee had luck on his side on the day of the fall.

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