Eric Nerhus

Eric Nerhus before the attack

Eric Nerhus (1965 - ) is a man who enjoys diving off the coast of Australia he was violently attacked by a white pointer shark January 23, 2007.

Great White Shark Attack Edit

Eric Nerhus was searching for abalone mollusk under the sea on January 23, 2007. While under he was suddenly attacked by a three meter long great white shark off the town of Eden, south of Sydney.

The shark dragged him eight meters below the surface there dislodging his oxygen supply from his mouth. The shark then swallowed his head upper body and right arm. Desperate Eric tryed to locate the sharks eye socket with his left hand when he found it he jabbed the sharks eye. The shark opened its mouth and Eric was able to get away and swim the eight meters up to surface. Eric managed to reach the surface and take a gasp of air, however he was surrounded by blood which would lead the shark right back to him. He called for help and his 25 year old son was on a nearby boat and quickly rescued him from the water and called 000.

Eric was rushed to the hospital where he suffered injuries ranging from a broken nose to gouges on his torso and left arm. He was released from the hospital soon after the incident and is grateful to be alive.

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