Maria Amin

Maria Amin

Maria Amin (2001- ) is a Palestinian girl who was caught in Isreali airstrike in 2006 that killed her older brother, mother, and grandmother. Maria was blown out the car window but survived the blast but was paralyzed from the neck down.

Treatment Edit

Maria was brought to the Alyn Children's Hospital in Jerusalem, Isreal where she was put on life support. Maria miraculously recovered but requires a wheelchair and a ventilator 24 hours a day. Doctors and nurses watched Maria with great optimism as she was recovering well. However the Isreali Defence Force was about to make an outrageous and widly scrutinized move.

The Isreali Defence Force or IDF tried to removed Maria from treatment at the Jerusalem hospital and send her back to Palestine where the hospitals there would not have the equippement to keep Maria alive. This outraged her father Hamdi and many of the employees at the hospital and they went to the media.

After the story was broadcast throughout the world in July 2007 it came with enormous outrage. Under pressure the Isreali Defence Force began paying for Maria's medical costs but quickly stopped and have again tryed to oust her from the country. Hamdi took it to court and their they have remained since. The hospital says no matter the decision they will not release her from their care as she is making remarkable improvements.

External Links Edit

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